SWI Calculator


  1. Enter resistor values for each button in the boxes 1 through 8 on the left. Up to 8 values can be entered. Enter all resistor values with no decimal point.

    For example, 3.24k would be entered as 3240.
  2. If there is some resistance on the wire coming from the steering wheel with no buttons pressed, enter that value in box A. Resistance value must be greater than 2500 ohms and significantly higher than all buttons. If there is no resistance, enter ~ in box A.

  3. If you get a warning showing when you enter a value in box A, then call PAC for technical help.

  4. If any resistance in the buttons are too high, then you were get a warning showing next to it. Try putting in an external resistor value to get rid of the warning. If you still can't get an external resistor to work, then go to the next step.

  5. The SWI's three internal resistors can be selectded during initial programming. SWI uses:

    • For Version #3, a 270 ohm resistor
    • For Version #8, a 1770 ohm resistor
    • For Version #9, a 2770 ohm resistor

    If these values do not work, cut purple wire and insert a resistance value in series.

    For example, version #9 plus a 1k resistor would be 2770 plus 1000 for 3770 ohms total.