Discover the PAC Difference

PAC was founded in 1976 to create the ultimate interface solutions for installers when radio replacement meant hours of cutting and splicing into the factory wiring harness. Since then, it has defined car audio interfaces and shaped an entire industry.

Today, more than four decades later, it continues to be the installer’s “go to” brand for INTEGRATION because of its quality, performance, and reliability. Backed by industry professionals and consumers alike, PAC products are simply known to work every time they’re installed in a vehicle.

From its radio replacement and steering wheel control interface products to back-up camera modules and line output converters, PAC delivers the needs of its distributors, retailers, and installers. Each integration product solution we make stems from the hardworking and dedicated engineers, designers, and staff members who truly know the automotive environment and have that unbelievable passion for advancing technology so end users will always gain the very best in-vehicle entertainment experience possible.

We invite you to spend some time surfing our Website. You’ll soon discover why PAC is the leader in bringing the car and technology together.