AP4-TY13 for Select 2018 and Newer Toyota Vehicles

AmpPRO Family Now Supports Select 2018 and Newer Toyota Vehicles

2018+ Camry, 2019+ Corolla, Adding Amplifiers?

NEW AmpPRO for Toyota Applications!


AP4-TY13 design avoids the disappointing results and hassle of interfacing after the factory amplifier in select late model Toyota vehicles with amplified factory sound systems!

All of this plus the features you’ve come to know and love from AmpPRO such as:

  • Front, Rear, and Non-Fading (typically used for subwoofers) outputs
  • Variable volume, fader, and tone setting retention
  • Retention of all warning chimes, navigation prompts, and Bluetooth system
  • Optional upgrade: Digital TOSLINK output (APA-TOS1 sold separately)

This latest addition to the AmpPRO lineup supports the popular Toyota Camry and more!

Click on the picture below to visit the product page and get the full list of applicable vehicles, compatibility notes, and more.