Improve Driver Safety with PAC Camera Interface and EchoMaster Cameras

Don't you wish you had an extra pair of eyes for a safer driving experience? It's possible with the new PAC BCI-FD21 Camera Interface and EchoMaster add-on Cameras. The BCI-FD21 interface is designed for select 2013-2016 Ford and Lincoln vehicles with the MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch 8.4-inch systems. The BCI-FD21 interface, combined with EchoMaster cameras provide a complete, integrated safety solution. These products are excellent for large vehicles such as trucks and SUVs that have much larger blind spots than your standard size cars, especially when backing up. This combo of products can avoid the nightmare of a backed over accident. According to, in the US, fifty children are backed over by vehicles every week. More than 60% of these back-up accidents occur in a large vehicle – a truck, van, or SUV. The statistics are sobering, and vehicle cameras offer a solution.

The BCI-FD21 quick connect interface provides four video inputs designed to work flawlessly with EchoMaster camera packages. The EchoMaster PCAM-FDL camera transforms the Ford Emblem into a front or rear facing camera on select vehicles. When a driver shifts into reverse, the BCI-FD21 triggers the camera to display on the factory screen and the driver can see what’s behind the vehicle. The EchoMaster FC-FD21-SC side camera package and FC-FD21-RSC side and rear camera package includes blind spot cameras that are triggered when a driver uses a turn signal. Cameras situated under side mirrors show drivers what is in their blind spot, which means a driver no longer has to twist around to safely change lanes. When using with side cameras, the BCI-FD21 reads the turn signal messages from the vehicle’s data-bus and provides a steady view from the corresponding side camera. The BCI-FD21 can also be configured with a front camera whose input is displayed when a vehicle is traveling at less than 7 mph. What is revolutionary about the BCI-FD21 is the seamless integration of all the cameras, triggered by driver behavior. When a driver backs up or uses a turn signal, the Ford factory screen automatically shows the relevant camera feed, and drivers can also activate rear and front camera inputs manually through the radio.

If you have a Ford vehicle, check out and see if the BCI-FD21 is applicable. Get one and the matching EchoMaster camera. We know you won't regret it. DRIVE SAFE!!!