Bring Music, not your CD Collection

Your vehicle currently has a CD changer, but let’s face it, CDs are now only good for hanging on the rear view mirror. And, the days of bringing your entire music collection in 250 page CD flip books are long gone.

You want a cool option to play your digital music content stored in your digital devices like a smart phone, mp3 player, tablet, DVD player, or laptop directly into your factory radio? PAC offers Auxiliary Audio Interfaces (AAI for short), a line of integration modules that will change your life as digital DJ forever, eliminating those days of arcade style claw fingers reaching under the seat for a dropped CD. Without changing your factory stereo, these components will let you input audio through that built-in CD changer or satellite port without degrading the quality like an FM modulator does. Did I mention there is no need to cut any of the car’s factory wiring? AAI products are complete plug-and-play devices and all you need to do with them is to simply set the DIP switches on the side of the module to emulate the device you are replacing, like the CD changer you never use.

So get with the digital future and bring your car with you. You can use those old CDs for practicing at the water hazard on the disc golf course.