Remote Start

Control Modules

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Remote Start Control VWX Module

$259.99 CMVWXA0

Select VW & Audi 2006 and up

Remote Start Control HCX Module

$169.99 CMHCXA0

Select VW & Audi 2006 and up


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Remote Start ‘T’-Harness for GM 'SWC' Vehicles

$39.99 ADS-THR-GM2

Select General Motors ‘SWC’ models 2004 to 2012

Remote Start ‘T’-Harness for Nissan/Infiniti Push-to-Start models

$79.99 ADS-THR-NI5

Select Push-to-Start models from 2007 and up.

Remote Start ‘T’-harness for Select Volkswagen/Audi models

$79.99 ADS-THR-VW1

Select models from 2006 and up

Long Range RF Kits

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Replacement Transmitters

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Replacement Antennas

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Replacement LaRa Antenna

$59.99 AN2400A


Replacement FM Antenna

$49.99 AN2300A


Sensor Accessories

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Temperature Sensor

$80.00 ACC-TEMP1

For iDatastart HCX and VWX control modules.

Discontinued - Digital Manual Transmission Sensor

$39.99 ACC-MTDS1

iDataStart mSENSE