Coming soon – 2016-2018 Honda HR-V Dash Kit

We have a new Best Kits by PAC dash kit, BKHONK813 (American International: HONK813), that is scheduled to be in stock April 24, 2018.

The dash kit will install one single ISO radio with pocket or one double DIN radio. The high-quality plastic material of the dash kit is painted satin black to keep the interior looking factory when adding an aftermarket radio. A rear support bracket, hardware, and instructions are also included.

BKHONK813 (American International: HONK813) is compatible with the following PAC products:

Wire Harness

  • BHA1729 (American International: HWH810)

Antenna Adapter

  • BAA42 (American International: HO8)

Radio Replacement Parts

  • RP4-HD11
  • SWI-CP2

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