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Category: Radio Replacement

Product Overview
RadioPro Radio Replacement Interface With Built In OnStar Retention, Pre-Programmed Steering Wheel Control Retention and Navigation Outputs

MSRP: $279.95

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Compatibility Notes
  • Chevrolet Cruze & Equinox: The seperate LCD screen above the factory radio will not be retained.
  • 2010-2015 Chevrolet Equinox & GMC Terrain - Must use firmware version or higher, Models equipped with navigation are not compatible
  • 2015+ Chevrolet Trax - Must use firmware version or higher
  • Chevrolet Malibu - Models with navigation are not compatible

Check for the latest firmware

Product Revision History

Current Revision #:  Description: Changed nav wire colors in harness  Release Date: 5-4-16

Revision #:    Description: Adds Alpine VR Command, Separates Sony and Pioneer, Adds Trax and Equinox, Fixed erratic led behavior when using SWC  Release Date: 2-13-15

Revision #:    Description: Adds short press/long press dual command functionality for SWC  Release Date: 11-6-13

Revision #:    Description: Improved OnStar Audio  Release Date: 10-15-13

Revision #: 1.4.4a.3    Description: Fixes issues seen with SWC when vehicle is in motion, Adds new Kenwood Bluetooth function support for SWC  Release Date: 5-22-13

Revision #: 1.4.2    Description: Initial Release  Release Date: 2-20-13

Product Status

Product Description
  • An all in one radio replacement and SWC interface, the innovative new RadioPRO5 comes pre-loaded with OnStar retention, amplifier retention, SWC software, navigation based output signals and other features that save time and money during installation.

Product Features
  • Retains OnStar® when the factory radio is replaced
  • Retains all warning chimes (chime module included)
  • Built in pre-programmed SWC retention
  • Chime volume adjustment (factory buttons)
  • OnStar volume adjustment
  • Retained accessory power output (R.A.P.)
  • Reverse Wire output
  • VSS (Vehicle Speed Sense) output
  • Illumination output
  • Parking brake output
  • Includes antenna adaptor
  • In package updatable using the PAC-UP

BuickCascada2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
BuickCascada2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletCruze2011Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletCruze2012Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletCruze2013Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletCruze2014Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletCruze2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletCruze Classic2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletEquinox2010Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletEquinox2011Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletEquinox2012Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletEquinox2013Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletEquinox2014Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletEquinox2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletEquinox2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletEquinox2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletImpala2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletImpala2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletImpala2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletMalibu2013Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletMalibu2014Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletMalibu2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletMalibu Classic2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletSonic2012Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletSonic2013Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletSonic2014Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletSonic2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletSpark2012Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletSpark2013Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletSpark2014Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletSpark2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletSpark Classic2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletTrax2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletTrax2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletVolt2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletVolt2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
ChevroletVolt2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
GMCTerrain2010Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
GMCTerrain2011Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
GMCTerrain2012Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
GMCTerrain2013Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
GMCTerrain2014Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
GMCTerrain2015Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
GMCTerrain2016Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41
GMCTerrain2017Radio ReplacementRP5-GM41